– 1 large concentrated milk or 1/2 kilo cooking cream – 1 kilo milk

– 2 tsp butter

– 1.5 tsp garlic

– 1/2 kilo chicken ( marinated cut into small pieces and Grilled)

– 1 fettuccine pasta ( boiled )

– salt, pepper, cumin, lemongrass, nutmeg (gozet al teen), spices u like. Or 2 maggy vegetables. – 1 pack mozarella cheese

– 1/8 cheddar cheese grated (mabshoora)

– 2 tbs cheddar presidant

Directions :

1 – in a sauce pan add butter, garlic, spices and then the cream, add the milk and stir well, add the presidant cheese and stir. ( thickness use 1 tsp flour with milk in a glass and then strain/masfa)

2- in a Pyrex, add little butter in the bottom, add some pasta then chicken over it some cheese and sauce, make about 3 layers , on top add cheese.

3- put in the oven until done and golden color.

By Nora El Sadat


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